Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600


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The Flat Top Grill is good at one thing above all else—feeding people fast. The large 600-sq. inch surface allows you to crank out food for 50-100 people every hour—your party will never go hungry. Many propane grills have hot spots, but our line of flat tops heat food evenly due to our large griddle and heat dispersing design. Customers love the cooking variety that the Flat Top Grill offers. For breakfast: use the griddle for pancakes, bacon, hash browns, veggies, and to boil water. Then for lunch and dinner: remove the griddle and utilize the massive grill grates to make hamburgers, chicken, steaks, shish kabobs, and more. This is the best flat top griddle/grill on the market!

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CAMP CHEF FLAT TOP GRILLS – Our family of Flat Top Grills is all about bringing people together over good food. Let any one of our Flat Top Grills act as the centerpiece of your back patio and enjoy an immersive cooking experience unlike anything else. Did we mention how versatile our Flat Top Grills are? Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner all on one grill and avoid cluttering your kitchen or patio.


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